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Summer festival 2010

from 16.03.2010

We invite you to one day of TIMEOUT on our open day in summer 2010

We would be pleased to welcome you to our new international programs of stress management and relief. The new garden of elements is a further stepping stone towards our new concept in the age of consciousness development, in tune with a new generation.

Date will be announced here.



Experience the power of the Elements!


Do you want to closely experience the elementary power of fiery earth?  Treat yourself to a package of natural Eifel fango,  sludge rich in minerals of volcanic origin.



Some geologists estimate the water storage below the volcano range to be inexhaustible.  In fact there are more than a 100 thermal springs registered by the state of Germany.



The nearly black soil of “Kennfuser Höhe” plateau origins from volcano eruptions and traditionally is used in farming.  The area is one of the most sparsely populated regions of Germany.  Ecological cultivation (Canola, potatoes and other) and cattle farming have been  practised offside any industrial methods in the area always.



Breath out!  Breath in!
Besides the pure oxygen you get the scent of wild flowers in spring.   In summer the fragrances of mowed hay, resinous pines and fir trees will treat your senses.