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We invite you to a day of TIMEOUT on our open day in summer 2010 We would be pleased to welcome you to our new international programs of stress management […]


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Landhaus Bad Bertrich
Hauptstrasse 42
56864 Bad Bertrich

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Landhaus von Osten

For more than 100 years the premises of this historic country inn have granted a warm-hearted atmosphere. Designed in traditional country house style and with a touch of Mediterranean taste the harmonious structure and its well balanced rooms are very capable of positively effecting body, spirit and soul.

Located at the heart of the extinct volcano mountain range “Eifel”; the 4 elements fire, water, earth and air always return with the rhythm of nature. The element of fire is concealed within the solidified igneous rocks, used as a building material for the country house. Let the element of water carry you at the 32° Celsius thermal Glauber salt spring in the valley of “Bad Bertrich”!

Breath out the stress of everyday life and breath in the purest air at “Kennfuser Höhe” plateau! Mirror yourself in the water of river “Maare”, while hiking through fairy tale forests past Medieval castles and closely experiencing mother Earth!

Blick hinterm Haus Meet the silence of nature by taking adventurous cycling and hiking tours! Get in touch with yourself! The country house is offering you stress management training from international sources and space for mutual encounter. Mental medical wellness and conscious nutrition from biological-regional farm houses are integrative elements of our philosophy.