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The 4 elements

Logo-Ausschnitt Thousands of years ago the fire of active volcanoes has created living space and wildlife habitat of nowadays “Eifel”. Even though the volcanoes are long extinct, the movement from way down under can be experienced now and then as, for instance, with the 32°Celsius thermal Glauber salt spring (one-of-a-kind in Germany) or, with bubbles on the surface of river “Maar”. Dark and red soil and the solidified igneous rocks are signs of the volcano eruptions still visible today.



Feuer In the area the older buildings are entirely made of lava rocks. This, for instance, applies to the well worth seeing neo-Gothic church of the small Eifel-village Kennfus. One of the stain-glass windows reminds one of a mandala; the paintings on the walls as well as the outward architecture are extremely charming and inviting to a quiet meditation. Further, the igneous rocks can be found in many a chapel alongside the small hiking paths, at the stone age caves and at the “Falcon Lady”, another sight nearby the village.

In winter the country house itself accumulates energy and warmth with the help of its lava rock walls and provides a healthy and biological indoor climate. The two chimneys and the kitchen stove dispense a rustic heat, rarely to be found nowadays. In starlit nights at the “garden of elements” the fireplace inspires dreams. During colder days the power of the fire can be perceived in a landscape of rejuvenation, in the light reflecting from lava schist and in the volcano sauna (thermal spring at the village center).

Do you want to closely experience the elementary power of fiery earth? Treat yourself to a package of natural Eifel fango, sludge rich in minerals of volcanic origin..


Wasser Some geologists estimate the water storage below the volcano range to be inexhaustible. In fact there are more than a 100 thermal springs registered by the state of Germany. The sparkling mineral water of the region is rich in minerals and available in many variations and tastes. Innumerous rivulets, river Maare and the rich ground-water breed a rare fauna and flora. As the fountain springs are deriving from unreachable depths, so is the treasure of Bad Bertrich, the one-of-a-kind Glauber salt thermal spring in Germany, springing up from the ground at 32° Celsius natural temperature.

Discover and enjoy the terrific secret of this healing fountain!



Erde The nearly black soil of “Kennfuser Höhe” plateau origins from volcano eruptions and traditionally is used in farming. The area is one of the most sparsely populated regions of Germany. Ecological cultivation (Canola, potatoes and other) and cattle farming have been practised offside any industrial methods in the area always. The food products used in the country house are purchased from ecological cultivation in the region. In particular potatoes are considered outstandingly valuable, since for decades potatoes have constituted the main nutrition of the Eifel people together with home grown salads and vegetables.




Luft Located at an altitude of 400 to 800 meter above sea level, quality of air is measured on a regular basis as regards to its purity. The climate is mild yet stimulating and thus makes volcano-Eifel a climatic spa per excellence. Due to vast forests (covering about 50 % of the region) the air is rich in oxygen. There is practically no industry, but instead innumerous walking paths, forests and meadows, inviting to activities, as well as to silence. Cast off old ballasts, by taking a walk, hiking, Nordic Walking or, simply breathing in fresh Chi (energy of life)!

Breath out! Breath in! Besides the pure oxygen you get the scent of wild flowers in spring. In summer the fragrances of mowed hay, resinous pines and fir trees will treat your senses. In fall the wind in colored broad-leaved trees and in winter the frosty air above the snowy landscape will bewitch you.